Sunday, June 23, 2024

Testing... testing 1-2... Is this thing on?

Not saying the site is back. Not saying I am either. But there really isn't anything/anywhere else I have an outlet for some of the things this blog once provided for me and... I miss it. The pandemic and the global and domestic state of things really did a number on me and I'm not the same person I was before. 

But rather than start a brand new thing on some other platform or look to publish in other journals I may from time to time post something here... probably won't promote it. Not interested in guest pieces at this point, but... 

Find me on letterboxd if you like. I don't really talk much about films there, but I do post film lists sometimes and if you're so inclined you can follow my viewing habits.

Not on many social media sites, but the ones I am on don't provide the kind of outlet I once enjoyed there, but hey, feel free to look for me and ask a question if you have one.

We'll see as 2024 ramps up the insanity how long I can hang here, but... I do miss some things about this place. 

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