Monday, April 27, 2009

Deadly Sin

Caught Cary Fukunaga's amazing Sin Nombre last night. Haven't had an adrenaline shot like that at the movies since Fernando Meirelles burst into the North American scene with Cidade de Deus, (City of God) or Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Amores Perros kicked me in the nuts. In retrospect all three films are infused with a vitality that comes from very real stakes and desperation. Sin Nombre chronicles a South American family's journey to the United States primarily sitting atop cargo trains. They are subjected to the best and worst of the elements as well as the best and worst of human nature. The drive to reach a life in the US where they will most likely live in relative poverty and work menial jobs is fantastic. American audiences will wonder Why? Why put yourself through all of that for a shitty job in McDonald land? They encounter a young thug who has reached bottom and abandoned the gang that was his family. He offers his protection to them, but ultimately increases their peril as he is marked for death by the gang. The stories of staggering violence and the influence of gangs and the drug cartels coming out of Mexico these days adds a layer of authenticity to the film going experience and if you can catch it on the big screen, I highly recommend doing so. Looking forward to more from Fukunaga and the young blood in the Mexican and South American new wave.

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CrimeNerd said...

That's good to know b/c it's playing in Minneapolis right now. Hadn't really heard much about but now I'll sure as shit try to catch it.