Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thug Lite

I cannot stress enough the pride my parents took in telling their friends the first time I was published in a darling little journal called ThugLit. It looks great on resumes and gets you mad respect from traffic cops. I'm pleased to say Lady Detroit accepted my story 1998 Was a Bad Year for the latest installment of said ThugLit. If the story sounds a bit familiar it's because 1998 sucked Balzac or perhaps you read my story The Morning After in last summer's edition of Plots With Guns. Terry Hickerson plays an important role in my as yet unfinished novel, so familiarize yourself with him and all his glorious douchebaggery. Then read entries from Eric Beetner, Patrick Cobbs, Jason Duke, Hilary Davidson, Robert S.P. Lee, Sophie Littlefield and Myra Sherman. Also, take a gander at the cover of the new ThugLit anthology Sex, Thugs and Rock & Roll which'll feature one of my stories and pre-order that bad boy.


Paul D Brazill said...

Looks great. eric beetner's a smashing writer too!

Unknown said...

Sweet, Jed! Congrats!

Gordon Harries said...

‘You’re Mother Says you’ve had a story published. Congratulations. What Magazine?’






‘Oh. I See.’

Congratulations, mate.

Bardsley said...

douchebaggery, that's a good term for this guy's behavior. 'Nother great piece