Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LA. Noir (Louisiana That is)

Every once in a while my enthusiasm and general nerdiness for this stuff is eclipsed by meeting someone better read, traveled and more passionate than myself and it's a humbling thing. Not as often that person turns out to be generous and warm and my tendencies toward pettiness are swallowed up by the sheer force of their good will. Rod Norman just wasted a whole blog post saying kind things about me, so hey, buddy, thanks. I look forward to more posts from his Signs & Wonders blog.

Over at Ransom Notes today, I celebrate the Saints' super bowl victory with some Louisiana and the region themed fiction. For those of you unmotivated to click the link, I recommended Barry Gifford, Daniel Woodrell's Rene Shade books, especially The Ones You Do, (and in case you didn't know, I'll letcha know Busted Flush Press will be bringing two excellent Ozark Woodrell titles back into print in the next year, Tomato Red with a new introduction by Megan Abbott and The Death of Sweet Mister with an intro by Dennis Lehane). I also suggested James Lee Burke, Johnny Temple's Akashic City Noir series New Orleans edition and for ex-pats and exiles Anthony Neil Smith's Yellow Medicine.

Those of you without an aversion to high culture would do well to check out the latest edition of Granta which includes a new piece by Donald Ray Pollock.

Two days in a row, I'm including a link to an essay and book excerpt from the excellent and compassionate Kyle Minor.

And Julian Grant, (who plans to make a feature from my short story A Fuckload of Scotch Tape - Out of the Gutter #5) has posted the first trailer for his new zombie flick The Defiled. Apparently there is no dialogue in the picture which sounds awesome. Who really needs talking in a zombie movie anyhow? I've been watching trailers for his work a bunch recently, especially this one, 'case Steve Guttenberg as a badass makes me smile.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Kyle Minor can write a little fiction, too. Blow you out of the water fiction.