Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'd Ask the World to Dance

Got my copy of Beat to a Pulp: Round One in the other day. Damn, that is a handsome book. Great cover art by James O'Barr, eighteen year old me is really geeking out to be associated with something he did, way to go David Cranmer and Elaine Ash. Whew, it's a big one, though. This is gonna take me forever to get through. I've already mentioned previous publishings alongside Mike Sheeter, Glenn Gray, Patricia Abbott, Kieran Shea and Hilary Davidson, but Sophie Littlefield and Garnett Elliot also belong in that camp and I'm pleased as hell to appear alongside the likes of HBW friends like Frank Bill and Cullen Gallagher, not to mention the legends Ed Gorman, Robert Randisi and hmmm, seems like I've heard of that Charles Ardai character somewhere too. Scott D. Parker, Matthew Quinn Martin, Paul S. Powers, James Reasoner, Anonymous-9, Stephen D. Rogers, Nolan Knight, Chris F. Holm, Nik Morton, I.J. Parnham, Evan Lewis, Andy Henion and Chap O'Keefe round out that collection, putting me in far better company than I deserve.

N@B this week. Ready? Really? Check again. For those who need reminding, it's a semi-literate, regular event at the Delmar Lounge in the University City Loop. This Thursday night at 7pm, you can catch the likes of Scott Phillips, Jonathan Woods, Cameron Ashley and Chris La Tray. Also beer. Maybe spot some ne'er do wells like Matthew McBride, Malachi Stone or Dan O'Shea. Maybe.

Today over at Ransom Notes I'm talking about Qiu Xiaolong and his Inspector Chen series, but also his new short story collection Years of Red Dust, which learned me a thing or two about Shanghai.

I took part in Nigel Bird's Dancing With Myself series in which he asks writers to ask themselves questions. Things did not go well. Check out somebody like Gar Anthony Haywood. Don't waste time on mine.

Sounds like most folks had a blast at Bouchercon. Glad to hear it. See you next year.

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