Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Did you see this? Paul Friswold and Scott Phillips are starting an adult story time at Subterranean Books. Bring Your Own Book (and beer) for these events and maybe even read your decidedly adult selection aloud. If I were doing this, I might pick a selection from Tony O'Neill's down and out (not)epic Sick City. There's one passage in particular near the book's end where one of our junkie heroes is shacked up with a reaaaally rough last-ditch lay, like consider-the-pleasures-of-celibacy league, and can barely coax an erection when she begins taunting him "C'mon, this isn't a Nicholas Sparks novel, don't romance me to death!" This one had me choking on my own laughter and wincing all the way through. Not for the faint of heart, but damn, one of the best things I've tackled in a while. So good in fact, I posted a review over at Ransom Notes.


Tonyoneill said...

Hey Jedidiah

Just wanted to say thanks a ton for the positive and thoughtful review over at Ransom Notes, and also for the shout out here. It means a lot man, and it's always cool to think that the books are getting out there and people are digging it.

Stay sick-


jedidiah ayres said...

Tony, I'm passing Sick City around and getting a lot of thank-yous for it. I'll be looking for whatever's next.