Monday, March 19, 2012

Booked: The Evidence

Perspective ain't what it used to be. Heh. Livius Nedin and Robb Olson, back at the ample bosom of Chicago, have released the audio records of their St. Louis trip. Were you at the event? Listen for the sounds of you making a complete jackass of yourself. Here are some helpful links to the Booked Podcast N@B episodes in chronological order -

So, N@B, it's like a thing now, yeah? It appears that Glenn Gray and Todd Robinson are moving toward concocting a New York N@B event. 'Ow ewe dewin? Fawkhen sweet. Furthermore, those L.A. N@B reprobates, Stephen Blackmoore, Eric Beetner and Aldo Calcagno have put together a helluva fight card for their next event featuring Gar Anthony Haywood, Gary Phillips, Johnny Shaw, Jordan Harper and N@B St. Louis alum Hilary Davidson. Hot damn, I wish I were gonna be there. In my own humble opinion if you ain't hep to that Harper cat yet it's about fucking time you got there. You hear me? ABOUT FUCKING TIME. Motherfucker writes like I do in my most delusional fantasies.

Somebody I'd like to coax down to St. Louis for an event is Frank Wheeler Jr. I'm reading The Wowzer right now and I've got a sickly, tingly feeling in my privates that this one is gonna gonna be a memorable, nay, unforgettable trip down psycho-killer lane. Jeez, add this one to the list of Arkansas crime sagas of 2012 kicked off with such a ridiculously high bar established by Jake Hinkson's Hell On Church Street. Easily two of the most electrically-charged debuts I've read in... fill in the blank. Hmmm, maybe I could get both of em to answer this former Arkansan's invitation to ransack the River City, invite the now footloose and fancy-freelance N@B alum John Hornor Jacobs up from the un-Natural state for another go at the birthplace of ragtime. Yeah, I'm warming to it. BTW - since his N@B debut, Jacobs has seen his first novel Southern Gods released and nominated for a Bram Stoker Award, and something like twenty future books sold including the next This Dark Earth. You wanna check out an audio excerpt from This Dark Earth? Follow this link to hear N@B alum Daniel O'Shea read from it, (and pre-ordering it goes without saying, right?) If yur anything like me, then O'Shea is how sexy you imagine you sound after a few shots of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes. But, if you're like me, you'd be wrong. O'Shea's got hisself his own eBook of short fiction too, y'know? Lookiddup - Old School from those whippersnappers at Snubnose Press - who have - is this right? Released another collection of short fiction from Keith Rawson? Really, The Chaos We Know is only now beginning to settle into the collective subconscious and while we're still reeling, Laughing at Dead Men comes along to take advantage of us in our weakened state.

Oooh, reminds me. Speaking of N@B alum with eBook news, Laura Benedict's The Devil's Oven is finally available to the reading public. My favorite to date of Laura's books, you oughtta checkerowd if you do that eReading thing. A good-un fo sho. And, y'know what? I'm starting a lil' N@B blog that'll contain a lot of cross-over material from HBW, but really just be for snap announcements and updates on events and alum. Find it at this link - Noir at the Bar

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