Friday, August 10, 2012

Short Sharp Post

You hear the stink about Barry Graham and Brad Thor? No? Well, I'd recommend reading the story at Barry's blog - here and here - it's a corker, and it culminates with one of them being banned for life from a beloved mystery bookstore... Which is too bad. I've never read the one author (nor have I ever seen/heard or read Glenn Beck) so I offer no opinion on the content of the books, but I do enjoy a good baiting yarn, and, warranted or not - this was no exception. 

Victor Gischler's Kickstarter campaign to fund Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse II has wrapped successfully, which makes my nipples hard. Really looking forward to reading that. Did you participate? Do you like the Kickstarter thing? I was glad to hear success stories for short films based on the work of Craig Clevenger and Alan Heathcock, but man, trying to fund a feature that way is a big challenge. That's what Thomas Konkle is doing though. Check out the website for his feature Trouble is My Business if you're interested in supporting it. 

Features are covered, but come to think of it, the short film is an undertapped medium for crime stories. You wanna know what they can be? Check out Martin McDonagh's Six Shooter to see what I mean.

Or Nick Childs' The Shovel with David Strathairn, from Steve Hamilton's story A Shovel With My Name On It  (look for it on iTunes). Makes me waaaaant to see Paul von Stoetzel's Dennis Tafoya adaptation How to Jail. Kickstarter... you have phaled me.

Paul Brazill is busy as shit. He must be with all I see his name on. On top of being a swell writer, and y'know, gainfully employed, every time I turn around, the guy's got three new projects he's involved with or just generally cheerleading for. This week, I got to take part in his Short Sharp Interview series and, for that, and all the kindly attention he's given my work in the past three years, I thank him.

For those of you eReaders not of the Kindle persuasion, rejoice, for my collection A F*ckload of Shorts is now available for your NOOK as well. And for you strictly-paper types, dig out your dinero, 'cause the paperback approaches. 


Paul D Brazill said...

Brad Thor is a hell of a name. Like being called Chip Batman.

Thanks for the inerview, it's getting plenty of 'hits'.

jedidiah ayres said...

Glad to hear it, Paul. Thanks for wasting your time with me.

Ben said...

I command Barry's courage for standing up for his ideas. Writers like Thor walk a fine line with racism and I can only admire Barry for pulling such a stunt.