Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Off to Cleveland this weekend. Looking forward to seeing all of you Friday night at The Wonderbar. Bring some cash for paper books (I'll have A F*ckload of Shorts and Noir at the Bar Volume 2 with me) and your eReaders for instant downloading pleasure from Snubnose authors Eric Beetner, Dan O'Shea, Les Edgerton, Jonathan Woods, Josh Stallings and John Kenyon. No Ryan Sayles though. Apparently he'll be busy with his Out of the Gutter duties, and you'll just have to lump it.

Gonna be a crazy good week for authors in St. Louis when I get back. Thursday at the library is Daniel Woodrell and Saturday is Dennis Lehane. Must make mental note not to tie on a week-long hangover with roomies Glenn Gray and Todd Robinson.

N@B2 is moving fast. Remember, other than seeing me in person, the only way to get your own copy is from Subterranean Books in St. Louis. Booked Podcast spent an episode reviewing it and gave some special attention to Matthew McBride, Les Edgerton, Jon McGoran, Robert Randisi & Christine Matthews, Duane Swierczynski, David James Keaton and especially Jane Bradley. Give it a listen and hear Robb Olson get all choked up.

Been a while since I've posted at Ransom Notes, but today I've got a good 'un - an interview with Grant Jerkins author of A Very Simple Crime, At the End of the Road and The Ninth StepA Very Simple Crime has been optioned by Barbet Schroeder who's made a thing or two in his time (Barfly, Reversal of Fortune, Single White Female, Kiss of Death and the interesting miss Our Lady of Assassins). I'd love to see him score with a kick ass adaptation of Grant's sick ass book.


The Reading Frenzy said...

Have fun, but no too much :)

jedidiah ayres said...

You sound like my wife

Jed Power said...

Wish I'd known about "Noir At the Bar." Probably would've attended just for that. Hopefully, next year.

Jed Power