Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The O'Brady's Bunch

Say you'll be there. And then be there. Shit, last year's Beef O'Brady's throwdown for the release of Crimes in Southern Indiana was wicked sick fun. I got the ridiculous honor of reading with Donald Ray Pollock as well as N@B stalwarts Frank Bill, Scott Phillips, Kyle Minor, Matthew McBride, Aaron Michael Morales and Rod Wiethop. At the event I saw Richard Thomas and met Robb Olson, Livius Nedin, Chad Eagleton, Chris Deal and one David James Keaton.

A year later and another edition of Noir at the Bar (the book) - this one featuring Frank, David and a certain Les Edgerton (all who will be reading in Corydon) -  and we're ready to do it again. I'm really looking forward to meeting this cat Kirby Gann too. His book Ghosting has been high on my TBR list for months.

So, come out and see us at Beef's.

And for fuck's sake, if you're in Chicago over the next week - try the hell to get a seat for one of the three Chicago International Film Festival screenings of F*ckload of Scotch Tape (Oct. 18, 20 & 23). Director Julian Grant will be there for each - go tell him how big his balls are and find out his new one Sweet Leaf is going (then be sure to drop me the skinny here).

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