Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ides Away

One week till Noir at the Bar and the countdown kicked off with two new reviews of March 23's participants. First up, over at Spinetingler, The Nerd of Noir had this to say about Clayton Lindemuth's Cold, Quiet Country:

Though it may sound like a straight-forward, ticking clock suspense novel,Cold Quiet Country takes its time developing these characters through flashbacks, strengthening the relationships between Bittersmith, Gwen and Gale with each chapter while dropping clues about the novel’s many sinister late-in-the-book revelations.  When the violence finally comes around it is indeed gloriously and brutally depicted, but the real reason you keep reading is for Lindemuth’s complex and wounded characters and his strong, just-shy-of-*too*-poetic prose.

Not too shabby, eh?

Well, kids, Dave Wahlman over at Crimespree magazine's blog had (all of) these too kind words (which I've cleverly re-arranged into the most badass blurb I could ever pay for) for Fierce Bitches:

The book is the bastard son of Sam Peckinpah and Jim Thompson...reads like a Cormac McCarthy fever dream. It’s literary crack.

Can you believe it? We're not even sleeping together!

So, yeah, first opportunity to purchase Fierce Bitches in the States at N@B, Saturday the 23. Get that crack.

And come back for more. Jeez, don't forget that bail-jumper Frank Wheeler Jr. is going to cross many state lines to let The Wowzer out in St. Louis, and you should totally show up to see him get arrested. I mean, they don't call it that for nothing. He'll also have copies of his book to sell.

You should buy one.

And you would be an utter ass-hat to forget about Josh Woods, he - where'd he go? I swear he was just here, I - gaaagghghgh...

Aaaaand I'm back. Seeing stars. Think I got choked out. Woods is playing with me again. Writer, editor, ninja - he's a triple-threat... and you only think I'm kidding. His writing is all over the fucking place (you all know the fucking place, right? If not, find it), pitting rednecks against old-god monsters, or Jesus Vs. Thor or Black Beard the pirate kicking against retirement, but it's of a piece, all of it bound together by wit and sincerest badassery.

It's gonna be bad ass. It's gonna be bad-fucking-ass. Be there, it's going to be... if we can just get Anthony Neil Smith back again.

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