Sunday, December 22, 2013

Peckerwood: Now Available For Kindle

So's ya knows, Peckerwood is now available for Kindle. Take a picture of yours and send it to me... I'll put it up with these. Thanks to everybody who bought it.

Jordan Harper

Steve Weddle

J. David Osborne

David James Keaton

Kristi Belcamino

Eric Beetner

Caleb J. Ross

Brian Lindenmuth

Justin Steele

Anthony Neil Smith


Ron Earl Phillips

Laura Benedict

Lori Smith Jennaway

Tom Wickersham

Dan Malmon

Glenn Gray

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Kristi said...

Sheesh. I would've taken a better picture if I had known it would be featured here. I would've put some weird shit, like the Ugly Doll and had Maxine hold it. Hey, that gives me an idea. Stand by.