Friday, November 7, 2008


Sgt. Brant, the demon spawn of Ken Bruen is getting ready to go before cameras. Jude Law is attatched to star with Sophie Onderdo as Falls in an adaptation of Blitz. That Bruen is finally getting a big screen treatment is great news, but the casting of Law as Brant seems a stretch. It's not fair to prejudge the film or the performance, after all he's a gifted actor, but it's going to take quite a transformation for me to equate Jude Law's delicate bone structure with Tom Brant's bruising, psychotic cop. While I wish them the best and hope they deliver a kick ass film, I'm going to have to categorize the casting along with some legendary almost-was adaptations like Neil Diamond as Jack Ryan in Elmore Leonard's Unkonwn Man #89 or Warren Beatty as Sughrue in James Crumley's Last Good Kiss, until they show me the goods. Also in the works from the land of Bruen is London Boulevard, so best of luck to Ken and the film makers.


MysterLynch said...

Law is in discussions, but has not actually signed on for Blitz as of this time.

jedidiah ayres said...

Hmmmm... At this point, I'm just hoping it gets made. I always thought the Brant series could make a kick ass BBC series, get into the whole ensemble thing.