Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rocky Horror Scripture Show

In the novel I am oh so close to wrapping up, I have settled on a crooked preacher for the villian. I really didn't want to include this character in the story until I realized he was the story and there was no way around it. I use the Preacher as Villian device hesitantly because it has become so overused, but then I think its become a cliche because it is such a strong device to begin with. So, I thought I'd compile a quick list of great preacher/villians.
5) John Lithgow as Rev. Moore in Footloose: You kids and yer rock n roll. You kids and yer dancing. Now it's illegal.
4) Christopher Lee as Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man: Oh we're just a hippie-dippie, tree hugging commune. We believe in classic pagan rituals and rites like flower children orgies and uh human sacrifice.
3) Harry Dean Stanton as Roman Grant on Big Love. The Prophet of the polygamus cult wooing fourteen year old girls and running some serious gangster operations in Utah. The intimidation is real. His followers may be simpletons, but they're armed to the teeth and he's not afraid to use them. The white stetson hat and white SUV convoy are iconic evil.
2)Robert Mitchum as Harry Powell in Night of the Hunter: A psychotic con man with a new schtick - reformed convict turned preacher. His knuckles branded with L-O-V-E & H-A-T-E, he bullys people with scripture quoting until he's got his way. Those who don't go for that kind of manipulation he can always kill.
1) Clancy Brown as Brother Justin on Carnivale: HBO's Old Testament epic set in Dust Bowl America featured possibly the most convuluted, intricate mythology on television, (take that Lost). Its no wonder it didn't last, but those who witnessed both seasons saw the transformation of Brother Justin from a simple preacher with a calling become evil incarnate, his eyes going black as he summoned demonic power. Whether he was making someone cough up gold coins, burning orphanages to the ground or singing hymns, he was forboding and impossible to not watch. Role of a lifetime for Mr. Brown.

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