Friday, November 7, 2008

Czar & Noir

Mosquito Kingdom, my first produced screenplay will be playing November 23 at the St. Louis International Film Festival. It's a micro-budget noir with a wild guerilla story behind the making of. I'm tickled to death that it's featured the night after the Czar of Noir, himself, Eddie Muller, appears with his own film, The Grand Inquisitor, based on his short story of the same name from last year's fantastic, Megan Abbott edited Hell of a Woman anthology. Scott, The Ice Harvest, Phillips will be joining Eddie, as well as, blacklisted actress and star of The Grand Inquisitor, Marsha Hunt in a panel on Film Noir and the Black List Saturday Nov. 22, @ Webster University, a free event - part of the SLIFF. All in all, it's a great way to have our movie framed, on closing night of the festival to boot. Here's the only drawback, and it's a big one - screening at the exact same time as our little picture, in fact, about 30 feet away will be the new Darren Aronofsky/Mickey Rourke picture The Wrestler. I'm not sure which I want to go see, now. I suppose it'll have to be MK though, as I'm in the program as part of the Q&A to follow. I can just picture it now: Q - Why isn't there anyone here to see your film? (Cricket chirp), A - Next door the Pope of Greenwich Village is winning an oscar. Wanna read more about Mosquito Kingdom - - it's a nice piece. Or visit:

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jedidiah ayres said...

Okay, so The Prowler is NOT on DVD. Sue me. Hopefully some day soon. In the mean time check out ROAD HOUSE, no not the Patrick Swayze vehicle of awesomeness, but the 1948 IDA LUPINO noir gem featuring a commentary track by EDDIE MULLER & KIM MORGAN.