Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Had such a great time Saturday night at the St. Louis International Film Festival - Eddie Muller event. He showed the restored print of The Prowler, which kicked tail. Thanks btw to Mr. Muller and James Ellroy, among others, for finding that rare print and paying for it's restoration and safe keeping. Good work. After Prowler, The Grand Inquisitor - Eddie's own short film, (which is apparently being overhauled into a feature - hope, hope), screened and then Eddie and Marsha Hunt took part in a panel on Noir and the Blacklist, moderated by Scott Phillips. Marsha had great first hand accounts of the time period from '47-through the fifties. Should I ever reach 91 years of age and can guarandamntee I will not be half as vital and full of fizz as Marsha. I had the opportunity to grab refreshing beverages with the panel afterward and was treated to further fantastic stories and diatribe from that classy dame. Do yourself a favor and check out The Prowler which is recently out on DVD and track down Raw Deal, (w/Marsha - not Arnold) and savor the flavor of a yesteryear so uncomfortably similiar to today.

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