Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Noose is Good News

We're back and somehow escaped being lynched. Thanks to Jimmy Moore and the Truman State University film society for putting together yesterday's event and bringing Mosquito Kingdom out to stretch its legs. I was afeared the unruly Film Neshui crew was going to sully the delicate sensibilities of Kirksville, MO. but it turns out that they'd hosted a porn debate with legend Ron Jeremy squaring off against Pastor Craig Gross the night before... We found some great home made signs from the event in the trash. And may I say, it was an honor to play alongside Hooch & Daddy-O, Box Elder and Jacob's Room, some fine examples of what ballsy, creative folks are doing with a lot of talent and no money these days. We also found that we shared a link with Hooch - actress Amy Elz is the cousin of MK's co-director Derek Elz - that's right. I think we scandalized the other film maker's with our ribald accounts of movie making in the muck and probably wont be invited to take part in their future projects, (look for The Bloodfest Club coming soon - for fans of Chuck Norris, John Hughes and zombies - good luck to Oscar Madrid and Jim Ousley). Over the weekend I ate more fast food, drank more bad beer and got less sleep than I have since we shot the movie three years ago. (Photos courtesy of Hooch & Daddy-O btw). Back to the grindstone.

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