Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Corydon Blue

Just read the new Daniel Woodrell story that appears in the April issue of Esquire called Twin Forks and it strikes me that it makes a nice companion piece to the last one he had there, Night Stand - which, itself was a great marriage of his rough Ozark stuff and marine-centric short stories (as was the devastating Black Step - New Letters.) Twin Forks and Night Stand deal with two sides of similar no-win situations. I like reading them back to back and soon, I'll get to do so without flipping too many pages from multiple sources. The Outlaw Album, his first collection of short stories is due out in October and that's just damn good news.

Spent the weekend with Rod Norman and Frank Bill in Indiana doing some video interviews that may find their way into some hidey-hole on the internet soon. Frank will be making his way back to St. Louis for a N@B event probably in June along with Aaron Michael Morales, so stay tuned for more on that. You know one of the best things about talking with writers is coming away with really solid recommendations and after hearing the name again and again, Frank's say-so pretty much made me feel all sheepish for never having picked up Craig Clevenger or Will Christopher Baer. So, now I'm hip deep in the first of Baer's Phinneas Poe trilogy Kiss Me Judas and after I thank Frank, I'm gonna go beat my head pulpy for not picking this one up sooner. Ex-cop, junkie just released from a mental institution takes a hooker up to his hotel room and wakes up maybe 36 hours later in a bathtub full of bloody, melted ice and clutching a hand written note 'If you want to live, dial 911.' Now he's chasing the broad through the Western US half interested in retrieving his kidney, but more interested in maybe hooking up with her again. I mean, he might be in love. Over at Ransom Notes I'm going on about my out of control reads-in-progress.

Speaking of ridiculously hot femme fatales who start off books with a bang, Duane Swierczynski's The Blonde has been optioned by Michelle Monaghan and looks like a production date may be materializing soon. Man, I hope they do that one justice.

And in case you didn't know, Kent Gowran has started publishing a new flash fiction site, Shotgun Honey. He's looking for kick-assery under 700 words. Can you do it? N@B alumn Daniel O'Shea has the first piece up there already.


Unknown said...

Had a great time. Wish you all could have stayed longer. Shit I wished we all lived in the same area. Glad you're digging Baer, he's the goods. But so is Clevenger. You'll be scratching your head wondering how the fuck you missed these guys.

jedidiah ayres said...

Already doing so

Rod Norman said...

I agree with Frank, wish you guys were closer. Don't feel bad Jed..I hadn't read Chris Offutt or W.C. Baer either till Frank passed them on.My musical tastes continue to spread thanks to Frank as well..Hayes Carll, Old Crow Medicine Show, Todd Snider & on & on...always great to see you both.