Monday, September 26, 2011

All the Funky Possibilities

Have you checked out the Booked Podcast yet? I keep tuning in to hear Robb Olson and Livius Nedin casting out of Chicago reviewing books and interviewing writers. Check out this episode where they review Frank Bill’s Crimes in Southern Indiana and continue to give a recap of Frank’s book release party in Corydon a couple weeks back. Remember that? I do. It was some good shit. 

At the end of that segment they drop the possibility of coming to check out N@B one of these days which I think would be tits. People sure have been swell in their reaction to the Noir at the Bar book, too. I’ve been reading the latest print edition of Mike White’s cinematic rag Cashiers Du Cinemart, (perhaps you’ve read the collection Impossibly Funky, and if you have then you know the kind of smart and smart-ass essays, reviews and interviews go down on these pages) and was just pleased as hell to see the Noir at the Bar ad (page 42 – doubters). Or turn to page 59 of issue 43 of Crimespree magazine and feast your eyes on the full pager those swell Jordanians threw in over there. And I’m starting to see reviews pop up on blogs. Sweet and thanks

Had an odd reading experience this week. Julian Grant (The Defiled, RoboCop: Prime Directives) is getting ready to shoot his next feature based on my short story A Fuckload of Scotch Tape and I’ve just seen the script. Holy shit, it’s gonna be a sick movie. Julian’s a hell of a stylist – a scrappy and innovative artist - whose vision I can’t wait to see. If you’ve read Fuckload (from Out of the Gutter #5) or my story Mahogany & Monogamy (from Blood, Guts & Whiskey), you’ve some idea of what to expect, but that’s all – some idea. It’s gonna be a hallucinatory trip to hell – you think reading that shit hurts? It’s going to a whole other level visually, not to mention audibly. Don’t forget, Scotch Tape the movie is a musical. I’m listening to Kevin Quain, (whose songs will score the film) right now, and telling you – you’ve never seen nothing like this.

Read a killer short story by N@B star Fred Venturini, called Detail, from the Cheryl Mullenax edited 2009 antho The Death Panel, which also includes the cop-killingest slice of pulp fiction since Ice-T recorded his quaint folk ballad - you know, before he began his real career of playing cops in movies and the TeeVees - Nine Cops Killed for a Goldfish Cracker by David James Keaton. Next I'm tackling the pieces by Tom Piccirilli and Randy Chandler. We'll see from there. 

N@B hero Tim Lane has got a graphic feature in the latest issue of the Riverfront Times - Tim Lane's Hopeville Journal - a document of time he spent in a St. Louis homeless camp on the Mississippi river this summer. If you know Tim's work, than you know that this subject matter is right up his alley. Only this time it's true stories of Americans getting by, rather than fictional accounts of similar desperate characters letting dignity slip through their remaining fingers.

Just saw the artwork (almost said 'cover' but that wouldn't be right) for Anthony Neil Smith's latest eBook All the Young Warriors. Damn it. Call this the third ANS book my eHandicap is causing me to miss. I'm assuming it's a backstage document of life on the road with Mott the Hoople.

Taking the Mrs. to see Drive while the kids're at school this morning. It's gonna be a good day.

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