Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Ike, Mike & Mustard

Had an absolute blast hanging out on The Projection Booth podcast again, this time to discuss Shane Black's Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Man, I miss seeing people, but I tell you what, if you ever get the chance to chat with Mike White and Andrew Nette on the phone I highly recommend you take it.

I hope you'll listen and enjoy the conversation, but even if you have no interest in our discussion you should tune in for Mike's interview with Shane himself. That's right - Black and White in conversation. Listen here.
Of course along the way we also talk about other Shane Black movies, their common themes, tropes and obsessions as well as pulp detective books like the Michael Shayne series by Brett Halliday (KKBB is loosely based on his novel Bodies Are Where You Find Them),

Johnny Gossamer (screenwriter Black's stand-in for Michael Shayne whose non-existent books inspire the mindset and decision making of the KKBB's characters) and Raymond Chandler. (whose book titles are used as chapter titles in KKBB).

There's so much fucking yakkity-yak going on in this episode you can barely hear the talking monkey in the background.



E. Ellis said...

Have you seen/written about the Belgium flick A Bluebird in My Heart? Saw it on Shudder last night and it was really good. It's about a paroled convict that moves into a hotel ran by a single mother and her rebellious daughter.

Good acting by the lead actor Roland Moller.

jedidiah ayres said...

on my watchlist - haven't seen it yet