Saturday, March 20, 2010

Neither Noir

Jeez, I feel like crap today. I'm kinda happy about that though. In my younger days I could pick just about any day I pleased to lounge about, watching movies, reading books, taking naps. Now it only happens when I'm sick. Yay, sick. What have I got to read here???? Hmmm, lessee Dennis Tafoya's Wolves of Fairmount Park, Bad Ju-Ju and Other Tales of Madness & Mayhem by Jonathan Woods, Vicki Hendricks' Florida Gothic Stories, Mixed Blood by Roger Smith and the new Gabriel Hunt book by Christa Faust. I may stay sick for a while... after I get off work, that is.

Ooh, and flipping through the promotional material for Bad Ju-Ju, I came across a quote from HBW's interview with New Pulp Press publisher Jon Bassoff. How cool is that?

Just finished the first season of Nurse Jackie on DVD last night, (Edie Falco can do anything) and starting the second season of Breaking Bad tonight. I think I'm set for a bit.

Over at Ransom Notes, I'm taking a stab at putting a fence around mystery, crime and noir... just cause. I think it came from reading some Jonathan Lethem essays - dude can write about literature, film and music anytime and I'm on board.


Unknown said...

I'm reading Bad Juju right now. Woods has got some serious chops and I think (other than Disassembled Man)it's just about my favorite NPP title so far. Mixed Blood might not be the best choice if you're having stomach issues, though. (But if it's just a cold, go for it!)

And the second season of Breaking Bad blows the first out of the water. I love that show

pattinase (abbott) said...

Looking forward to VH's stories. I missed the second season of BB but I am onboard for three.

jedidiah ayres said...

I love Vicki's short stories... I think I love them more than the novels - in general. They are go for broke in a way that can just be an exhausting pace to keep up for a writer - or a reader.