Monday, February 27, 2012

Noir at the Bar Ain't Noise Pollution

For those about to read, we salute you: Kevin Lynn Helmick, Gordon Highland, Caleb J. Ross and Mark W. Tiedemann. 7pm at Meshuggah Cafe tonight, live without a net, and yur best shot at immortality as Livius Nedin and Robb Olson of the Booked Podcast will be on hand to document the incriminating evidence for your teachers and parents and the whole damn world to hear.

Just be there.

I'll be hanging with the Booked boys again on Thursday in their backyard where we'll be attending an event at the Galway Arms. You wanna go? I hear Seth Harwood's been added to the already impressive lineup of ne'er do wells that include Anthony Neil Smith, David James Keaton, Kyle Minor and Pinckney Benedict. Fuck that noise says you? Just come hang out. Hell the wallflowers will be foul-mouthed tat-magnets Kent Gowran and Nik Korpon. I have no idea if Josh Converse has tattoos, but I'll report back on that next week. 


Ben said...

You tireless workhorse you. You make me go all pleonasm-overkill for you.

jedidiah ayres said...

damn you for making me use a definitions dictionary

Mark W. Tiedemann said...

Now was that really necessary?