Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sexploitation and Globalization

Just two days until the first of two cock-kicking N@B events in February. Thazzright, Tuesday, February 21 it's Robert Randisi, Sonia Coney, Jason Makansi and Benjamin Whitmer, and if you ain't seen Whitmer's name kickin 'round bookish spots lately, my friend don't raise your hand, you've been looking at the wrong shit. His collaboration with Charlie Louvin on the country music legend's memoirs Satan is Real is having plenty of good attention from the hoity and the toity, (here it is in The New York Times Book Review) as well as from plenty folks you can trust. Then, with but a week to rest up it's N@B again February 28th, this time with Mark W. Tiedemann, Gordon Highland, Kevin Lynn Helmick and Caleb J. Ross who will go out of their way to creep you out without actually dangling genitalia through the dangerous lack of crotch in their pants.

"An ass two drinks away from an awkward breakfast, but a voice as sexy as a rape whistle and a face to match." How bout that gem from Erik Lundy's story Shootout at the K-Y Corral in the latest issue of Plots With Guns? Sheeiit. Go read that story, it's full of great lines like that one. Someday he will disgrace us with his presence at a N@B event. That piece reminded me a bit of Anthony Neil Smith's story Cramp from Sex, Thugs & Rock and Roll about a stick-up team robbing porno stores in desolate off the highway locales. I lose count of those iniquity dens  when I drive across Missouri. It seems like every twenty miles there's a warehouse-sized ' adult super store' perched on the horizon, promising the largest selection of... whatever. Really, they all have the largest selection. Or at least they used to. Last week I took a cross-MO trip and noticed that a few of these landmarks are beginning to disappear. The internet and globalization stickin it to the independents again, I guess. 

Ah well, if those places stir any kind of nostalgic reminiscing in you, you'll wanna look for Paul von Stoetzel's new short film Viscosity, and I'll be sure to let you know when and where you can. After all, it's based on my very own short story of the same name from Out of the Gutter's 'Sexploitation' issue. The pics on this post are stills from the set of that production, and I can't wait to see the finished product. 

Speaking of creepy sex stories, remember that story of bondage and torture from D*CKED? No, the other one. The one Hilary Davidson read last September at N@B? Yeah, well she's got a brannew book out - The Next One to Fall - and at Ransom Notes I'm talking 'bout why I like Hilary. Also, at Ransom Notes, I looked at the similarities in Elmore Leonard's latest Raylan and the new season of Justified. And shit, did you see this photo of Brad Pitt as George V. Higgins' Jackie Cogan in Andrew Dominik's adaptation of Cogan's Trade? Man, I can't wait. Really dug Dominik's Chopper and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and of course dig the hell out of Higgins. Over at Ransom Notes I covered this one, plus four more of my most anticipated book-to-film projects of 2012. Yeah, Matthew Jones' Boot Tracks made that list too, and this week I'm checking out the film Deepwater from another Jones novel... I'll squeeze it in between N@B events and before I head to Chicago for The Wrong Kind of Reading with N@B alum Neil Smith, Kyle Minor and Pinckney Benedict, as well as a bunch more of my favorite degenerate literates.


Paul von Stoetzel said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jed. I can't wait to show the film to you. And the trailer will be live VERY soon.

Ben said...

Man, characters in your stories all have wicked facial hair.