Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hardcore Hardboileder

Can I throw a little love David Cranmer's way? Can we all pause for a moment and send some gratitude and admiration his direction? How the fuck many books has he published now? And they really are beautiful tactile objects. I can't wait to get my mitts on the coming soon Beat To A Pulp: Hardboiled 2. Even if I didn't have a story in that one, it's some good company to be keeping (N@B alum Matthew C. Funk and Robert J. Randisi - plus, that Eric Beetner dude does N@B in some podunk backwash burg). Cranmer, you rock. Scott D. Parker, you're no slouch, yourself.

Y'know who else's put together a damn fine antho? Chris Rhatigan. He runs the short fiction blog All Due Respect has put together an anthology of the same name which also features Cranmer, Funk and N@B vet CJ Edwards - then there's some gutter nastiness from Ryan Sayles, Joe Clifford, Tom Pitts, Alec Cizak, Ronald T. Brown, Garnett Elliott, Pete Risley, Nigel Bird, Patricia Abbott, Andrez Bergen, Christopher Grant, Fiona Johnson and oh my... I can't type any more. Lotsa pasta for a buck twenty-five.

Settling in for a Sunday of brain-rot movies and books and not even a hint of exercise. Think I may get a peek at Julian Grant's Sweet Leaf, And this may be the day I stick a fork in Warren Ellis's Gun Machine.

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David Cranmer said...

Kieran Shea convinced me (though it didn't take much arm bending) to buy GUN MACHINE. You'll enjoy. And thanks for the kind words, Jed. Appreciated.