Sunday, May 18, 2014

Completely R-bitrary Information

First R-rated movie I ever saw - Beverly Hills Cop (11 years old at a friend's house on VHS)

First R-rated movie I saw at the theater - Young Guns (12 years old. A friend's dad took us)

First R-rated movie I got grounded for going to - The Last Boy Scout (15 years old - went with a friend and didn't lie when my parents asked what we'd gone to see. Grounding - 1 month. Worth it.)

First R-rated movie I saw theatrically with my parent's permission, but with another adult (my youth pastor) - The Commitments (15 years old)

First R-rated movie I saw theatrically with a parent - Backdraft (15 years old. I paid for my own ticket)

First R-rated movie I saw theatrically without an adult, but with my parents' permission - The Fisher King (15 years old - our parent's made us swear not to lie about our age, if asked)

R-rated movie I nearly got my youth pastor fired for watching with me - Black Rain (16 years old on VHS with several teenaged youth group kids at a non-official church group get-together. I picked out the movie. There was much fallout from unhappy parental types)

First R-rated movie I watched with my own kids - Army of Darkness (ages 7 & 8)


Kent Gowran said...

That's awesome.

Also, you have yet to learn what your 40s will do to your balls.

You're welcome.

Kieran Shea said...

Army of Darkness wasn't the first for Thing 1 and 2, but Evil Dead 2 was. Simpatico.