Thursday, May 27, 2010


Okay, I finally got my hands on a copy of Blood, Guts & Whiskey... from my local library. Ima buy a copy by the end of the week when fellow contributor Sean Doolittle comes to mutilate the general public Thusday night for N@B. I've not had a chance to read the whole thing, yet, but what I've got to is solid like you'd expect from Todd Robinson and the Thuglit crew. Aside from me and Doolittle, this beast features previous spotlights of HBW - Tom Piccirilli, Craig McDonald, Kieran Shea, Scott Wolven and Jordan Harper. It also features Needle buddies Hilary Davidson and Dave Zeltserman as well future N@B alumn Derek Nikitas - (June 28 w/ Dennis Tafoya - be there and bring gauze). John Kenyon, Colin O'Sulivan, Pearce, Pearce Hansen, Justin Porter, Glenn Gray, Dana King, Stuart Neville, Michael Penncavage, Brian Murphy, Stephen Allan, Andy Turner, David Harrison and Lawrence Clayton round out this most excrement collection.

Over at Ransom Notes, I've got a few other anthology and short story collection recs. One of which is possible N@B future participant, Jonathan Wood's Bad Juju. Check out the book's trailer.

This week will be busy in St. Louis. Wednesday night I'll catch Reed Farrel Coleman, Gabriel Cohen and John Lutz at the library, Thursday of course is N@B with Laura Benedict, Pinckney Benedict and Sean Doolittle and Friday night is Richard Russo. This flurry of activity is sure to bring my pal Rod Norman out of his nearby corner of Illinois for the action and if you haven't checked out his interview series over at Signs & Wonders you've missed Stuart Neville, Vicki Hendricks and Ace Atkins, (and that's only in the last week!) Rod, I'm buyin the first round... only.

Also this week, good luck to my homeys in The Lou Crew during the 48-Hr Film Project. Wish I could be with you. Bad timing. I just said "homeys". I am pure white bread.


Rod Norman said...

Jed, Thanks for the Shout Out ! You are a hellavu guy no matter what Scott says. And the 1st rounds on you ?, its like its my B-Day, actually it is the following week. Ain't that special.Ha! Just posted a review at S&W's of Ken Bruens "The Devil"..I think its the best Jack Taylor so far, and maybe his best book, if thats humanly possible. Bring the big bucks to the Auction on Tues. Rod

jedidiah ayres said...

Rod - I will bring the big bucks... both of them