Tuesday, June 1, 2010


At Ransom Notes I'm talking Akashic staycations... Especially the of the Russian variety. Moscow Noir looks like a good cold-hearted collection to take the edge off the summer sun's onslaught. Other recent additions to the series that've caught my eye, Lone Star Noir, Phoenix Noir and Orange County Noir. What I wanna know though - where the hell is St. Louis Noir? City has a long tradition of nastiness to exploit. Come on, Johnny Temple, take notice.

On other where the hell fronts, I'm looking forward to Crime Factory's third ressurected issue. Rawson and crew are including an excerpt from my nearly finished novel Peckerwood and that's an honor. The first issue contained an excerpt from Ken Bruen's forthcoming, the second issue from Dave Zeltserman's Killer and I'm next. That's a huge honor for me and a bad sign for CF. Seriously, from Bruen to Ayres in two easy steps? My star is rising or theirs is plummeting.

Speaking of my Needle and Blood, Guts & Whiskey pal Zeltserman, have you read Pariah? Holy shit. That's some dark, dark darkness. It's the second act of his unofficial trilogy that begins with Small Crimes and concludes with Killer about recently released convicts. Sweet mother, not a heart warming moment in sight.

And while we're going on about heart warming moments... uh... yeah, I got nothing.


RJR said...

I once approached Akashic about a St. Louis Noir and they turned me down. What gives? Orange County Noir? What about Pittsburg?


jedidiah ayres said...

I agree, not that I don't want to read OC Noir, I'm sure Gary Phillips got a great collection together, but damn... St. Louis sounds like a natural fit for the series... The OC is a bit of a stretch

You and your lady coming out Thursday?

Kieran Shea said...

now THIS is truly weird. guess what's on my night stand that i didn't take on the boat this weekend... just you fucking guess.


damn, that's weird.

Unknown said...

Glad to have you on board for issue three, Jed. And Akashic can be a little weird about what cities they choose for the noir series(look how long it took 'em to put Boston Noir out--and it was the most meh anthology of the series--so they'll get around to St. Lou eventually

jedidiah ayres said...

Kieran - have you read Pariah? It's loosely based on Kevin Weeks/Whitey Bulger with a few others of that group thrown in... and

CONGRATULATIONS ON THUGLIT 37!!! Everybody go check out Kiearan's story

Keith - Less typy More publishy - no, I'm looking forward to issue 3 and beyond. Your crew puts out a top notch journal

Kieran Shea said...

Captain Z is the blackest, hardcore mf going for my money...not yet, yet another in the stack...why can't I just read all day? Thanks for the plug. I feel I should apologize for all the violence ahead of time for "Indirection, In Wait"...hat trick for me w/ Todd and Co.

Unknown said...

Hey, hey, it's coming on Friday, the Austrailian 2/3's of the operation has been dealing with some issues. (and we're only a week behind schedule.)

And Dave Z. is the shit. Pariah is some down and dirty basement noir craziness. Try out Killer asap, not as gritty, but Dave takes his skills to a whole new level.

And congrats to both you and Irish on appearing in the third Thuglit anthology

Paul D Brazill said...

I think they should do a Warsaw noir, really. I mean, I'm just saying.