Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Huss Goin On?

Over at Ransom Notes, I'm getting all geographically specific again. Last time I did that was with John McFetridge and Canadian crime writers - as in - I didn't know any others. Thanks, Hilary Davidson, Sandra Ruttan and Brian Lindenmuth for schooling my ugly American ass, but this time? This time I'm prepared and looking for it to happen. Please gimme some good Australian crime recs over there as I'm trying to prepare for Cameron Ashley's visit. Cam, of course, will be here for N@B Oct. 21st along with Jonathan Woods. Be there.

10 - hour marathon of pitch meetings yesterday. Got go on the Warner Bros. lot and walk around checking out the big ol' sound stages where all kinds of great art was made. That was cool. Also spotted a location used a couple of times on The Shield, as we drove by. I've been geeking out on this trip wherever I could. Sunday, Scott and I were at a memorial retrospective for the artist Phil Lewis and I got to stand next to Toby Huss, an actor I really enjoy - especially in Carnivale. What? You've never seen Carnivale? Fix that, like now. Geeked. Yeah.

And speaking of great HBO dramas, because I've been staying in a fancy pants hotel, I was able to catch Boardwalk Empire, Sunday night. And Monday night. Wow. Got me very excited for the rest of that one. Getting ready to get on a jet plane soon. See you on the other side.


Cameron Ashley said...

thanks for the huge, huge shout-out Jed. Wow. I'm at work now & can't seem to post at B&N, but I will tonight.couple names to get you started: Lenny Bartulin, Mark Dapin. I'll see what I can do about bringing/sending some stuff your way. Jesus, I better get me skates on.

Scott Phillips said...

Don't forget Garry Disher.