Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wild Oates

Over at Ransom Notes I'm looking longingly at the new Black Mask anthology from Black Lizard & editor Otto Penzler and it's got me thinkun... Is there a modern day equivalent to Black Mask? E-zines & print periodicals are out there for folks who wanna read this stuff, but... Yeah, it's not quite the same. I'll tell you what I do love about the Mask, and we'll see someday how our publishing community stacks up, but they were shooting rapid fire from the hip with that stuff. Crank it out and crank it out again. It was supposed to be disposable literature, but some of it really stuck, huh? Some of it has way outlived its original fresh by date and shaped serious and hack writers alike for generations. It's also cool to see Penzler and James Ellroy have edited that noir of the century anthology and reached for some pretty heavy hitting modern writers to include therein.

Dennis Tafoya is sticking the questions to Anthony Zuiker whose Level 26 series is co-authored by Duane Swierczynski.

Benjamin Whitmer's debut Pike is amazing. Get off your ass and read that one like now, (thanks Keith Rawson for bringing that one to my attention). And thanks to Kieran Shea for turning me on to Thomas McGuane's Ninety-Two in the Shade which has one of the best friggin endings ever. Reminded me of what I love about Elmore Leonard too. Dunno how Shea or McGuane or Leonard would feel about that comment, but I made it and I'd do it again. By the way, Shea says not to see the film adaptation of that one, but lookit that cast, dunno if I can resist it.

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