Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Price Fixing

Over at Ransom Notes I'm talking pseudonyms, or one in particular. For anybody who ain't heard, Richard Price has announced he'll be using one - Jay Morris - to pen a series of detective novels. So what? You may well ask, hasn't he been writing crime novels for years? Yeah, I'd say he has, but I'd also say, go for it, dude. Use the hell out of that name. Churn out some books. I want to see you get reckless. He's proven he's an amazing writer, let's see if the cover of a fake name lets him off the leash of high-brow respectability and he can have a lot of fun. Do you really think the guy who wrote Clockers, Samaritan and Lush Life is really gonna turn out genre dreck? I don't. Genre, sure, but dreck? Uh, no. Bring it on.

He's written some great genre screenplays too. They haven't all made great movies, but they've held a lot of potential. One of my favorite? Mad Dog & Glory. Robert De Niro as a timid cop and Bill Murray as a gangster - you gotta love that. Plus Uma Thurman and David Caruso? Yeah, I'll watch that one again. Oh, yeah, Barbet Schroeder's Kiss of Death also had Caruso innit. Hmmm. I'd like to revisit Price's Sea of Love and Night and the City soon, too.


Nigel Bird said...

bring it on. i can't wait. reckon i'm going to be an addict and the books are going to be superb (don't we just know it?)

Paul D Brazill said...

The remake of Night & The City was much derided when it was released but I liked it . Ladies Man was a favourite Price book of man.

jedidiah ayres said...

Meeting with agents yesterday with film posters from authors they rep on the walls. Looking at the Clockers poster was a tad intimidating.