Thursday, December 10, 2015

Denver Nuggets

Gonna be in Denver for N@B this weekend. James Ellroy, where you at? Come on out to the Bookbar on Thursday night for a night of debauched and debased readings from the bottom of the barrel.

Here's the lineup---

Jon Bassoff

Benjamin Whitmer

Mario Acevedo

C.J. Howell

Michael Lion

Mark Stevens

J.L. Abramo

Jennifer Kincheloe

and me.

Last time I was in Denver was a couple of years ago for a N@B event that served as a community memorial for N@B-Denver co-founder and Murdaland magazine publisher Cort McMeel. I miss the hell out of that guy, but thinking about him last night I was struck by what a machine of perpetual forward motion he was and I got a little buzz just from the memory of his energy. Very much looking forward to seeing everybody there. That means you.

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