Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Death Trip Fiction

If you read this blog much then you're most likely already familiar with Jordan Harper's name, and I really don't need to evangelize your ass, but on the off-chance you've not got your brainpan snagged on his particularly jagged brand of badass criminal fiction, here's a tip from the center of my hemorrhaging heart: buy this here story book. American Death Songs will make yur pecker hard.

I first knew Jordan's name as a music critic at a St. Louis Alt-Weekly where I sometimes contributed calendar pieces, but it wasn't until a couple years afterward, when I discovered Thuglit - and the familiarity of his handle led me to read some of his fiction, that it came to mean to me what it does today. Now, when I tell people that Harper is one of my favorite writers working today, I'll have the weight of this book to back me up. And it, the hell, will.

Of course, if you know Jordan's name already, chances are you found it through of great online crime fiction sites like PWG or Thuglit, who both have brand new issues out now. How cool is that for starting off the new year? Time to dust off the revolution, and here's an astonishing development: Thuglit has been revamped and published their third issue in six months the same week Plots With Guns gave us their second in a year. Now, I know it's a pain in the balls getting all that put together, so I'm not further bustin anybodies nuts - I'd simply like to say that it's a helluva nice thing to have Thuglit back.

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