Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear 2013, Start Already

See what awaits from...

Nicolas Winding Refn - Only God Forgives

Jeff Nichols - Mud

Ariel Vromen - The Iceman

Harmony Korine - Spring Breakers

David M. Rosenthal - A Single Shot (based on the novel by Matthew F. Jones)

Walter Hill - Bullet to the Head

Derek Clanfrance - The Place Beyond the Pines


Ben said...

I've been wanting to see Spring Breakers for a while now. Vanessa Hudgens' is a talented actress and I can't wait to see her outside of Disney's grasp.

But it's all about Only God Forgives. If this was the only movie who came out this year, I wouldn't mind and patiently wait.

jedidiah ayres said...

I'm pretty stoked about Forgives and Spring Breakers, but if A SIngle Shot can match the book for horror - it's gonna be one of the year's best.

And Jeff Nichols is two for fucking two after Shotgun Stories and Take Shelter - Mud should be really special.

Iceman, Bullet & Pines are wild cards, but intriguing