Tuesday, January 13, 2015

N@B 2014 Newsletter vol. 6

Duane Swierczynski - So, I can't tell you how awesome the upcoming novel Canary is because y'all greedy motherfuckers snatched up every last one of the ARCs at Noircon before I'd had a morning shit, shower and shave. But, let's not beat about the shrubbery, it's gonna be fucking bad ass. 

Malachi Stone - Somewhere in the wilds of south-western Illinois a man sits at a computer with a plastic bag on his head chatting online between fifteen alter egos about classic literature and philosophy, religion, the law, sex criminals and the bouquet of celebrity buttholes. I have met this man, but do not know his name. I know him only as Stone, Malachi Stone... and I've read his work. It will never make him rich, but it will make you more than a little uncomfortable, and if you value that rarity in the age of fifty shades of gilt-edged, buffed out, mass market smut rejoice. Dude has a bunch of novels available and probably more in the next year.

Jason Stuart - Dud's busy as hell. How busy? Has just announced that he's not going to be releasing the print edition of last year's 16 Tons through Burnt Bridge due to busyfuckingness. The good news? Somebody else might! I'm hanging the fuck on to my ARC and you Canary-having motherfuckers can kiss my dick, but someday perhaps you can have your own print copy. Meantime the Kindle edition's only 99cents.

Dennis Tafoya - Poor Boy's Game was released in the spring and his story Satan's Kingdom (originally appearing in Needle magazine) made the Best American Mystery Stories 2014, so if you don't take my word for his worth, I've just handed you endorsements from Steve Weddle, Laura Lippman and Otto Penzler. Get some.
Richard Thomas - Another busierthanhell dude on this list had three fiction anthologies that he had a hand in editing come out last year and put out some really beautiful books through Dark House Press and has a new mystery/thriller coming out next year. And is it just me, or did he pose for the cover of Disintegration himself? No... no, that's not RT, but he's handsome enough and has time enough in his schedule to pose for your book cover.

Mark W. Tiedemann - Finished another book and started five more in the last year, or that was the impression I got last time I saw him which was... damn. It's been a while. WTF, Mark? No, I have it on good authority that edits are intense. Which means something new and shimmery soon, no? Hope so.

Fred Venturini - With The Heart Does Not Grow Back poised to take over the world through many mediums you'd think that he'd be in reclusion bulking up for the onslaught of groupies and shit, but no, he's doing favors for Chuck Palahniuk by not leaving him alone on a stage on both coasts. Dude is magnanimous if nothing else. Oh yeah, talented.
Frank Wheeler Jr. - Have you ever seen a picture of Frank? Guy is a thousand years old, but looks fresh outta college. He's messing with some serious dark powers to keep that beauty, especially since the ugly of his soul is laid bare in his fiction. Have you read The Wowzer yet? Well, dark as that shit was, I still wasn't quite prepared for The Good Life. Someday I'm going to stop comparing his shit to Jim Thompson, but this is not that day, and no, I don't do it lightly. Why isn't everybody losing their shit over how good/bad these books are? Read them already.
Benjamin Whitmer - Somebody stomp on the motherfucker, he's on fire. Or y'know, smother him with a blanket... or pillow. Cry Father is getting the word out and further confirming all the glowing glorious praise heaped upon him here for years. 

Jonathan Woods - Good to catch up with Woodsy at NoirCon and congratulate him in person on his acquisition of New Pulp Press from Jon Bassoff. Good to hear NPP will sally forth, and hey, Jonathan's got a collection from Tim L. Williams up soon. Go support Tim, JW and NPP by pre-ordering the shit outta Skull Fragments as soon as it's ready. Meantime the short film adapted from his short story Swingers Anonymous makes the film fest circuits, hope we can catch up with it soon - here's the trailer.

Josh Woods - I got stopped by a stranger on the street this summer asking me about Josh and when he might have a book out. Seems she'd been in attendance at the N@B event where Woods read Jesus Vs. Thor from the Vs. Anthology (which he edited) and it had made an impression. I think it made an impression on all present. Performances like that are what keep me doing N@B. So, now I join the stranger in desperation... when will we have a Josh Woods book? Until that time, whenever it is, you should hunt down his stories and mainline them. You might start with Surreal South '13 which he edited, having taken the reigns from Laura & Pinckney Benedict.

Nic Young - I think my emails are getting stopped at the border, 'cause I keep suggesting that Nic and Roger Smith hop a flight from South Africa to do a special Cape Town edition of N@B, but sadly this has not and may never happen. I keep my eyes peeled, but have yet to find more Young to point you toward (so check him out in Warmed and Bound and Noir at the Bar vol. 2).

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