Thursday, November 25, 2021

Noirvember Pods Part 2

Here's another round of Noirvember specific podcasts you can listen to me prattle on if that's your thing...

The Big Combo
- On this episode of The Projection Booth I join Mike White and Brian Hoyle to discuss Joseph H. Lewis' 1955 classic starring Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte and Jean Wallace. We get into the topics like the peculiarities of writer Philip Yordan, the noir majesty of John Alton's cinematography, Lee Van Cleef and Earl Holliman's gay button men, Lewis' elegant long takes and the many wild stylistic touches that make it so memorable.

Elevator to the Gallows
- Louis Malle's directorial debut was the subject on my very first episode of The Projection Booth. Co-hosts Mike White and Rob St. Mary let me join in the conversation and the episode features interviews with Malle scholar Nathan Southern and Miles Davis expert Jack Chambers

Increment Vice
- I had a ton of fun talking with obsessive host Travis Woods on his long-form dissection of Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice starring Joaquin Phoenix as an ever-addled hippie detective out of time and place beset by a bevvy of baddies and embroiled in a byzantine conspiracy of sticky, icky spider-silk tendrils with broad implications and blunt machinations from batty billionaire philanthropists, a cabal of cocaine enthusiast dentists, new age white supremacists and the always encroaching fascist police state (personified by Josh Brolin's one for the ages performance as Bigfoot Bjornsson).

Ride the Pink Horse
- For this episode of The Projection Booth I jumped at the chance to talk about Robert Montgomery's treatment of Dorothy B. Hughes' novel about an opportunist out for... a shakedown? Revenge? General criminal misanthropy? (Something sinister regardless) in the New Mexican desert town of San Pablo (standing in for Santa Fe). To prepare I read Hughes' source material and also watched Don Siegel's adaptation (The Hanged Man), but I bow to guest Carol Borden's and interview subject Sarah Weinman's insights and Hughes expertise on this episode.

Watch With Jen
- On this episode of Jen Johans' expansive, wide-ranging film podcast I chose to chat about classic crime flick remakes from the 1990s. A favorite focal point for my film fixation, the 90s were full of oft overlooked mainstream giants and indie gems which I'll go to bat for and destroy all credibility long the way to champion against the wiser bet classics and status quo opinions of my betters. No, they're not all better, and no, they're not all good, but I'm here for the fuck-it-ness, shamelessness and audacity. We barely scratch the surface of the decade's remakes, but Jen and I discuss the originals from Alfred Hitchcock, Sam Peckinpah, Akira Kurosawa, Robert Siodomak and Henri-Georges Clouzot as well as their remixes by Steven Soderbergh, Walter Hill, Roger Donaldson, Andrew Davis and Jeremiah S. Chechik. It's a fucking lot.

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