Saturday, November 30, 2019

30 Days Has Noirvember Recap

Thanks to everybody who participated in the 30 Days Has Noirvember series both as contributors and enthusiastic viewers and responders. I, for one, had a lot of fun, discovered a few movies I'd not even heard of and finally watched some that I'd had on my list for a long time. For folks who want it all in one-stop shopping, I'm going to list all the films recommended here in alphabetical order - but you really should go back and read the wonderful write ups a lot of these got. Also, a lot of contributors went with "underrated" for their lists, but others had very specific/nuanced criteria and qualifiers for their picks.

Ace in the Hole
Across 110th Street
After Dark, My Sweet 
The Anderson Tapes
Angel Heart (twice)
Animal Kingdom
The Apostle
Appointment With Danger
Asura: The City of Madness
At Close Range
Bad Boys
Bad Day for the Cut
Bedroom Window
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Betrayed Women
A Bittersweet Life
Blood & Wine
Blue Collar (twice)
The Blue Dahlia
Blues in the Night
Body Double
Boyz N the Hood
La Cérémonie 
City of God
City on Fire
City Streets
Coin Locker Girl
Crashout (twice)
Crime Wave (1953)
Crime Wave (1985)
The Crooked Way (twice)
Cry Tough
Cutter's Way
Dangerous Crossing
Darker Than Amber
Dead Again
Deep Cover
Dressed to Kill
Drive a Crooked Road
Drugstore Cowboy
Easy Rider
Electra Glide in Blue
Flesh & Bone
Follow Me Quietly
The French Connection II
The Friends of Eddie Coyle (twice)
The Fury of a Patient Man
A Gathering of Old Men
Get Carter
The Glass Key
Green Room
Hangin' With the Homeboys
He Ran All the Way
The Hit
The Hitcher
The Hot Spot
House By the River
In the Bedroom
The International
La Jetée 
Judas Kiss
Key Largo
The King of Marvin Gardens
The Kill-Off
The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
Kiss Me a Killer
Kiss of Death
Ladrones y Mentirosos
Lady Vengeance
The Last Seduction
A Life in the Balance
Light Sleeper (twice)
The Limey
Machine Gun McCain
The Man Who Wasn't There
Man Without a Map
Mean Guns
Menace II Society
Miller's Crossing
Murder by Contract
My Darling Clementine
Mystery Road
Narrow Margin
Near Dark
New World
Night of the Living Dead
No Way Out
One False Move (twice)
Open Secret
Panic in Year Zero
The Pawn Broker
Plunder Road (twice)
Private Property
Pusher II: With Blood On My Hands
Pusher III: I am the Angel of Death
The Rapture
Red Road
Red Rock West
River's Edge
Road to Nowhere
The Robber
The Sadist
The Saint of Fort Washington
The Salton Sea
Séance on a Wet Afternoon
Scene of the Crime
The Seven-Ups
Set it Off
The Set-Up
Shield For Murder (twice)
Short Eyes
Sling Blade
Split Second
Strange Illusion
Sun Don't Shine
Sweet Virginia
Take Out
Tall Tales
Los Tallos Amargos
Them That Follow
Tin Men
They Won't Believe Me
To Die For
To Live & Die in L.A.(twice)
Trouble in Mind (twice)
12 Monkeys
Two Hands
Two Step
U-Turn (three times)
Uptight! (twice)
The Vanishing
Way of the Gun
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Winter's Bone
The Yellow Sea
Zero Effect

Also, perhaps worth noting filmmakers who appeared repeatedly on the list: Paul Schrader (5 times), Sidney Lumet (4 times), Nicolas Winding Refn and Oliver Stone (3 times), The Coen BrothersHubert Cornfield, John Dahl, Jules Dassin, Brian De Palma, André De Toth, Richard Fleischer, Robert Florey, Lewis R. Foster, Carl Franklin, James Foley, William Friedkin, Alfred Hitchcock, Dennis Hopper, Tim Hunter, Howard Koch, Edmond O'Brien, Alan Parker, Richard Quine, Bob Rafelson, Alan Rudolph, Ivan Sen, Billy Bob Thornton, Gus Van Sant and Peter Yates (twice).

And our contributors: Scott Adlerberg, Eric Beetner, Max Booth III, William Boyle, Heather Buckley, Angel Luis Colón, S.A. Cosby, Stephanie Crawford, Nikki Dolson, Pete Dragovich, Christa Faust, Michael A. Gonzales, Kent Gowran, Barry Graham, Jordan Harper, Tim Hennessy, Jake Hinkson, Blake Howard, Adam Howe, Ryan Jackson, Jen Johans, Minsoo Kang, Brian Lindenmuth, Marietta Miles, Andrew Nette, Gary Phillips, Ryan Prows, Johnny Shaw, Kieran Shea, Jay Stringer, Scout Tafoya and Travis Woods.

Now... strap in for the holiday series CrimesMas.


E. Ellis said...

Thank you for not only your blog, but for this amazing list and your ability to pull all of these people together for Noirvember.

jedidiah ayres said...

My abilities end right there, but I'm glad you had fun. I did.

Trouble Is My Business said...

Terrific job!