Sunday, November 10, 2019

30 Days Has Noirvember: Marietta Miles

Five personal noirs - Marietta Miles

There are reasons I included The Apostle and Sling Blade. Both movies center on communities that are lower middle class to poor. Most of the characters are down on their luck, whether financially or morally. There is a criminal  element in the sense that a  crime organically grew from the situation. In the The Apostle, Duvall took advantage of vulnerable and naive neighbors. His arrogance grew and so did his belief that he was above the law. His crime came from his hubris. Both movies have outcomes that are not so perfect. Maybe ambiguous, but not ideal. The best you can hope for.

The Apostle - Robert Duvall

Sling Blade - Billy Bob Thornton

Body Double - Brian De Palma

Dressed to Kill - Brian De Palma

To Live & Die in L.A. - William Friedkin

Marietta Miles is the author of Route 12 and May. Her latest novel, After the Storm, is available now from Down & Out Books. You can follow her on Twitter @MariettaMiles9.

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