Sunday, November 24, 2019

30 Days Has Noirvember: Jen Johans

From strong willed dames used to tucking their secrets away like rogue strands of hair that have fallen out of place to men trying to prove themselves and find their way no matter what it takes, winter is the perfect time to heat things up with these sensual, existential, puzzlingly paranoid, underrated favorites.

In Alphabetical Order:

The Bedroom Window - Curtis Hanson

The Blue Dahlia - George Marshall

Dead Again - Kenneth Branagh

The Glass Key -Stuart Heisler

Key Largo - John Huston

Light Sleeper - Paul Schrader

Malice - Harold Becker

Red Rock West - John Dahl

To Die For - Gus Van Sant

Zero Effect - Jake Kasdan

Jen Johans writes about film and television at Film Intuition. You can hear her as a guest on One Heat Minute and The Last (12 Minutes) of the Mohicans and you should definitely follow her on Twitter @FilmIntuition.

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