Friday, November 29, 2019

30 Days Has Noirvember: Max Booth III

I don't really know how underrated any of these are, but i seldom see them discussed online so fuck it, these are the first five to spring to mind. - Max Booth III

The Last Seduction - John Dahl - Fucking nobody's making good erotic noirs anymore and it's bullshit. This is one of the best.

The Vanishing - George Sluizer - Once considered a stone-cold classic, but I don't hear many people talking about this absolute mindfuck of a film anymore. Ignore the remake, stick with the original. Let it bleed into you.

RopeAlfred Hitchcock - One of the few Hitchcock films you'll never hear people discussing, yet it's probably his best, or at the very least tied there with Rear Window. Two people commit murder, then hide the body in the middle of a dinner party they're throwing just to see if they can. Hell yeah. Where's my invitation?

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie - John Cassavetes - Feels like it's four hours long and you hope it never ends. There's something intoxicating about the way Cassavetes portrays night, and I want to drink every ounce of it in.

Blue Collar - Paul Schrader - Maybe Schrader's best, featuring a heavy-weight tag-team of Harvey Keitel, Richard Pryor, and Yaphet Kotto. Fuck management and fuck capitalism and fuck everything.

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